What is a Team and how do I create one?

You can invite members of your lab to the CCRR portal and provide permissions so that they can add resources and manage requests on your behalf. You can create a Team by navigating to the Teams page under My Account.

What is a Team?

The Grant holder may not always be responsible for day to day activities of managing and sharing resources.

A team allows you to invite your lab members to the CCRR Portal and give them permissions to add resources and manage requests on your behalf.

The CCRR Portal requires resources to be associated with a grant. You can link grants with a team and members of that team will have permissions to:

  • Add resources associated with the grants linked to the team
  • See incoming requests for resources
  • Modify resources associated with team
  • Link their own grants with the team

Creating a Team

  1. You can create a Team by navigating to My Account → Teams page. Click on the Create New Team button.

  1. You will be asked to provide a name and description for the team and to add members to your team. You can start typing the name of the team member, and it will show a list of CCRR portal members with matching names. Select the person you wish to add to your team and click the Add Member button.
    Note: If the person you are looking for is not on the list, you can enter their email and click on Add Member. When you create a team, an email will be sent to them asking them to create an account on the portal. They will NOT be automatically added once they create their account. You need to add them to the team again.

  1. Next, you will need to select a Grant ID to associate with the team. This will allow team members to add resources and manage requests associated with the Grant ID. Once you are done, click on the Create Team button.

To add members to an existing team see: Managing Team Members