Managing Resources

You can find all of the resources you have permissions to manage under My Account > Manage Resources. Here, you can Edit, Delete, or Archive resources and view all the requests received for that resource.

If you need to edit details, delete, or want to stop receiving request for the resources added by you or by your Teams, you can do so by navigating to  My Account > Manage Resources.

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Manage Resource

You can get an overview of a resource by clicking on Manage Resource. You can view the request requirements, and all the requests received for a resource and its status. 



You can edit the details of a resource by clicking on the Edit button on the resource card. 



You will be presented with the same form as adding a resource, with the details filled out. You can edit the details and requirements of the resource, but cannot change the Team or Grant information.



You can delete a resource by clicking More Options > Delete. You can only delete resources which have not received any requests. When you delete a resource, it will no longer be available to you or any other user. If you no longer want to receive requests for a resource, archive it instead.



You can archive a resource by clicking on More Options > Archive.  When you archive a resource, you will no longer receive requests for it, but other users will still be able to view it.


You cannot archive a resource with open requests. You will need to accept or reject all the requests for the resource before archiving it.