Making a Request

How to make a request for resources on the CCRR Portal

Finding resources

You can use the search feature to find different resources available. Start by navigating to the Search page. 

On the Search page, you can search by any term. You can also limit your search to a resource type. 

You can use the filters to refine your search and find the resources that fit your research needs. 

The CCRR Portal displays both resources deposited in a repository and resources managed by a lab. The requesting process for each of these is outlined below. 

Requesting resources deposited in a repository

Some resources listed on the CCRR Portal are deposited in external repositories, and requests for these resources can be made at those repositories. 

The resources hosted in external repositories can be identified by a blue stripe in the search results, and the page will link you to the repository where you can make a request or download the resource.  

For resources hosted in external repositories, the CCRR Portal will only facilitate discovery. To obtain the resource, you will need to follow the steps required by the specific repositories.

Requesting resources managed by a lab

Some resources listed on theCCRR Portal are managed by the PI's lab. You can request these resources by clicking View Resource and clicking the Request button at the top right corner of the page. 

You will be presented with a form that looks similar to the below screenshot


The request requirements for each resource can vary and these requirements are set by the researcher sharing the resource. You can find the request requirements of a resource under the 'Request Requirements' tab on the ‘View Resource’ page.

Below are items that you MAY be asked to provide:

  • When making the request
    • Project Abstract: A brief description of the project and how you plan to use the resource. You will need to submit this when you make the request. 
    • Shipping Address: If it is a physical resource, where should they send it? You will need to submit this when you make the request. 

  • After your request has been approved
    • Shipping Payment Method: If the Sharer is not covering the shipping charges, what is the preferred method of paying for shipping? You can send a FedEx or UPS code, offer reimbursement, or any other method you prefer. If you choose reimbursement, please do NOT enter your banking information anywhere. Contact the sharer directly. 
  • Material Transfer Agreement (MTA): If an MTA is required, you can download a copy of the MTA prior to making a request. You do NOT need to provide a signed copy when you make a request. You will be prompted to provide the signed MTA after the Sharer has approved your request. 

IRB Approval: IRB approvals only need to be provided once the request has been approved. We strongly discourage Sharers from requiring this when not absolutely necessary.

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