Listing Resources

You can list a resource by navigating to Add Resources page and clicking the List button on the right side. You will need a Grant ID or have permissions to associate a Grant ID to list a resource.

If there are no public repositories or you cannot deposit your resource in a public repository, you can add the resource to the CCRR portal by choosing to List. 

When you list a resource on the CCRR Portal, here are few things you can expect:

  • You will need to provide detailed metadata about your resource.
  • You will need to specify what you require from the requestor like project abstract, signed MTA, and shipping information.
  • If your resource requires an MTA, you will need to upload the MTA when you add the resource.
  • You are responsible for maintaining and distributing the resource.
  • You might receive requests for the resource via the portal and will need to manage them through the portal. See the sharing process article for more details.

You will need a Grant ID or to be associated with a Team with a Grant ID to list resources. If you do not have one and are interested in listing on the CCRR portal, let us know. 


Here are the steps to list a resource

  1. Grant and Team Information
  2. Resource Details
  3. Specify Requirements
  4. Review

Grant and Team Information

  • Team: Associate a team with the resource. Teams are great if there are others responsible for fulfilling requests. If you are not using a Team, choose My Resources
  • Grant ID: Choose a Grant that was used to develop or maintain this resource. If there are no grants associated with a Team, please ask the grant holder to link the grant with the team. If you are the Grant Holder and do not see the relevant grant, see this article to report a missing/incorrect Grant information.
    See this article about linking grants for more information
  • Resource Type: Choose the type of resource you are listing on the portal. If your resource type is not in the list, choose 'Other'. 

Resource Details

  • You will be asked to provide detailed metadata for your resource.
  • For contact information, pick the person who will be responsible for responding to inquiries about the resource and managing the request.

Specify Requirements

When a researcher wants to make a request for your resource, you can specify what information or materials they need to submit. 

You can require the requesting researcher to provide the following:

  • Project Abstract
  • Signed Material Transfer Agreement: You will need to provide a template MTA when specifying this requirement.
  • IRB Approval
  • Shipping Information: Specify any shipping restrictions and accepted payment methods. Do NOT provide banking information here. If you do need to exchange banking information, please reach out to the requestor directly.


Reusing requirements 

You can re-use the same requirements with a different resource. When you do that the MTA is also copied over and they are presented with the same MTA.


Take a quick look and review the information. You can click the edit button to make any changes, if you need to. Don’t worry if you missed anything; you will still be able to edit the details of the resource after you list it.