How do I add a resource?

You can add a resource by navigating to Add Resource page and clicking on either Import or List.

The CCRR Portal supports two ways of adding resources:

  1. Importing
    If you have already deposited your resource in a public repository, import feature allows you to quickly add it to the CCRR portal and provide a link to the public repository where it is listed.  Learn more about importing here.
  2. Listing
    If an appropriate public repository does not exist for your resource or you are not able to deposit it in a public repository, you can use the list function to add it to the CCRR portal. You will need to provide detailed metadata about your resource and specify what materials are required to make a request (e.g. Project Abstract, MTA, Shipping information etc).
    Learn more about listing here. 

To add resources, you will need a grant ID or be part of a team with a Grant ID associated with it. The CCRR Portal requires a Grant ID for internal administrative purposes. 

We strongly recommend that you deposit your resource in a public repository whenever possible and then use the import feature to add it to the CCRR Portal.