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How do I add a Grant?

Grants are assigned to you when you are invited to create an account by ALSF Grants Team. If you need to add an ALSF Grant, you need to contact the Grant Team

Grants are assigned, you cannot add one. 

If you are an ALSF Grantee, and if there is missing grant information, please contact the Grants Team to help you.

  1. You can do so by navigating to My Account > Basic Information.
  2. Under the Grants Awarded, Click on the Report Missing/ Incomplete Info button.

  1. You will be presented with a pop-up. Please describe which information is missing and click Send, The Grants Team will be in touch with you soon.

If you are not an ALSF Grantee, but are managing resources on behalf of an ALSF Grantee, please ensure that you are part of the same team as the ALSF Grantee and the relevant grants are linked with the team.

For more details see: What is a Team and how do I create one?


If you are not an ALSF Grantee but would like to add resources with a non- ALSF grant or no grant, please let us know here, so we can reach out when we make that feature available.